Aideen Red Fire - red decorative, very early.

Alcala Red - red daisy, late.

Alisha Dark Pink - dark pink daisy, late.

Amphion Purple - purple daisy, late.

Ashley Dark Orange - orange decorative, late.

Atlantico Yellow - yellow daisy, early.

Avalon Purple - purple decorative, late.

Avalon White - white decorative, late.

Avalon Yellow - yellow decorative, late.

Bernadette Yellow- yellow daisy, early.

Beth Violet - lavender, decorative, mid-season.

Bonnie Red- red daisy, early.

Camina - red decorative, early.

Carpino - purple decorative, late.

Cecilia Lilac - pink daisy, early.

Cesaro - yellow, decorative, early.

Cliori - red decorative, mid-season.

Colina Red- red decorative, early.

Conaco Orange - orange decorative, mid-season.

Conaco Yellow - yellow decorative, mid-season.

Continki Red- red decorative, late.

Coparo- purple decorative, mid-season.

Dark Veria - yellow decorative, late.

Darlene Purple - purple decorative, mid-season.

Dawn Yellow - yellow decorative, early.

Dazzling Stacy Orange - orange daisy with red petal tips, mid-season.

Echo Bronze - two-tone bronze daisy, mid-season.

Edana Red - deep red daisy, late.

Electra Amber - yellow/bronze bicolor, very early.

Elena Gold - yellow decorative, late.

Emma Coral Bicolor - two tone coral decorative, late.

Emma Orange Bicolor - two tone orange decorative, late.

Fame Red - red daisy, mid-season.

Five Alarm Red - vivid red decorative, early.

Frosty Cheryl - clear white decorative, late.

Frosty Jeanette - pure white daisy, late.

Golden Helga - bright yellow decorative, early.

Goldfinch - bright golden yellow decorative, nicely shaped plant, mid-late.

Gold Gigi - gold two-tone, mid-season.

Golden Cheryl - yellow/red decorative, very late.

Golden Spell - yellow quill, late.

Granata Red - red decorative, very early.

Grandeur Red - red decorative, mid-season.

Hankie Yellow - dark yellow daisy, late.

Hanna Orange - orange decorative, early.

Helen Maroon - dark red decorative, good color retention and nice cushion habit, early.

Helga Cream - creamy white decorative, early.

Izola Orange - bright orange decorative, mid-season.

Jolly Cheryl Red - light red decorative, late.

Linda White - white decorative, late.

Lisa Yellow- brilliant yellow decorative, mid-season.

Malmo Yellow - yellow decorative, mid-season.

Manakin - red button, mid-season.

Marsha Pink - pink/lavender daisy, early.

Michelle Gold- orange-red bubs, clear yellow daisy, very early

Milano Yellow - yellow decorative, early.

Mildred White- creamy white decorative, late.

Miranda Orange- two tone orange decorative, mid-season.

Molfetta -  pink decorative, early.

Nancy - yellow multi-plex daisy, late.

Novare Yellow - yellow decorative, mid-season.

Okra Yellow -yellow decorative, midseason.

Olivia Orange - orange decorative, late.

Ozenda Orange - orange decorative, mounding habit, late.

Padre - pink decorative, mid-season.

Padre Orange - orange decorative, mid-season.

Padre White - white decorative, mid-season.

Padre Yellow - yellow decorative, mid-season.

Pavia Red - red decorative, mid-season.

Peacock Purple - purple decorative, mid-season.

Pink Gigi- pink two-tone decorative, mid-season.

Pizarra Red - red decorative, mid-season.

Prato- bronze decorative, mid-season.

Prima White - white decorative, very early.

Raquel Ruby - dark maroon decorative, late.

Regina Red- dark red daisy, late.

Sly Jenna Red - red decorative, mid-season.

Sparkle White - white daisy, mid-season.

Stacy Pink - dark pink daisy, mid-season.

Staviski White - white decorative, late.

Stella Red - red decorative, mid-season

Tabitha Scarlet - red decorative, mid-season.

Tripoli Red - red daisy, late.

Urano Orange - orange decorative, very early.

Urano Red/Bronze - red decorative very early.

Urano Yellow- yellow decorative, very early.

Vanna Snow- white daisy, mid-season.

Vicki Orange Bicolor - orange decorative, late.

White Gigi - two-tone white decorative, midseason.

Xanthus Yellow - soft yellow daisy, early.

Yolanda Yellow- rich yellow decorative, mid-season.